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With the development of GreenTin+ we can present more than the launch of a new product. As the first smelter we have developed a sustainable and extremely high- quality tin which is completely made of recycling material and comes with a 99.99% degree of purity.

This ecologically extracted material of highest quality can be obtained as pure substance in form of ingots, bars, wires and anodes. Alternatively it is available as a main component in all relevant lead-free electronic solders.

Quite consciously we rely on "Made in Halsbrücke" - on the contrary to often disastrous conditions when mining ores. We intend to provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative right from the heart of Europe - according to our guiding principle "acta non verba".

Thus GreenTin+ represents highest material units together with an active protection of environment and resources. We focus on clear raw material base and thus we ensure a certified and ecologically responsible tin supply for our customers - also with regard to the supply chain


  • Quality
    Fullfillment of all national and international valid norms and quality standards. Production according to customer specification both as pure tin and used in EMS-alloys (AOX, SAC, SA, SC etc.)

  • Technical capability
    Due to a high product unit technical substitution without difficulties and higher plant modification can be guaranteed.

  • Sustainability
    We exclusively recycle industrial scrap and production remains of our customers. Therewith we close raw material cycles and protect the environment substantially.

Everything in circulation - combining security of supply and sustainability

Metal recycling is not only sustainable but saves urgently needed raw materials and therewith the availability of metals.

As the origin of Green Tin+ we not only use several raw materials - much more we have been successful in implementing recycling cycles.

Accumulating remains of customer processes like scrappings, ashes, offshots, sludges, chippings or solder pastes are processed and valued state of the art. Therewith Green Tin+ consists 100% of recycling materials.

The energy-saving full recycling process in our pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical systems makes the contained metals, in particular tin, usable again. The high-purity tin resulting from this process and the electrolytically cleaned alloys are available again to all customers in the required formats. Together we are closing loops. This makes sense both ecologically and economically.

Buying of metals and taking back of used solders

You want to structure your production sustainably and get new products made of your metal remains? We advice you completely and make new from old. Dependent on the pollution rate of your remains we differenciate between complete recycling and reuse.

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Our flagship - SN 99.99

Recycling reduces quality? Products made in this process are less valued? Exactly the contrary is the case.

Due to the energy efficient complete recycling process in our pyro and hydrometallurgical plants the contained metals, especially tin, are made usable again. The high pure tin and the electrolytic cleaned alloys are available for all customers in all required forms

With Green Tin+ we set standards concerning production quality and purity. The capability of our recycling processes makes it possible for us to surpass the usual quality of imported tin made from raw material. Especially for customers with highest claims concerning the purity of tin or special alloy it provides new possibilities of sustainability - without stepping aside from their usual claims.

The new label Green Tin+ combines quality and sustainability.

„The Future will either be sustainable or not at all.“

Myths and legends

A lot of half-truths about recycling and metallurgy are haunting the markets. At this point we clear up with the most common predjudices and explain the situation clearly and understandably.

Solder of first smelting

This term has hold on until nowadays but is at best inaccurate.

Commercialized as a slogan, metals from primary raw materials should be advertised. As a matter of fact, both, primary and secondary raw materials do not have a "real" first smelting which can immediately be used in industry. This would not cope with required norms. Thus secondary elements of the smelted concentrate (primary) as well as process remains (secondary) from raw material have to be removed by refinement processes. The spectrum of secondary elements include e.g. copper, iron, antimony, arsenic, lead, indium and tungsten. These cleaning processes are neccessary with both material types.

Is recycled material of lower quality?

The origin of materials does not inevitably tell about purity and quality of metals. More important are the scope and the kind of processing steps, the know-how and the capability of the aggregates. On the contrary to this legend, metals can be recycled several times without a loss of quality. With other kinds of raw material like paper or plastic this is unfortunately not easily possible. Especially in the electronics industry it was tried to discredit recycling materials in the last decades. But these things you can definately put into categories like myth, inexperience or marketing.

Are there any limitations in using secondary raw material for special processes?

Neither its source nor its geographical origin is decisive for the use of a material. It is more the underlying specification of metals or alloys which is important for the process. Therefor the used metallurgic process technology is of great importance. Our expertise for centuries as well as modern plants and optimized production processes empower us to provide metals and alloys obtained from manifold recycling processes in a quality that does not at all inferior the qualifications of primary raw materials. - Exactly the contrary is the case.

Recycling is only a trend

As a matter of fact people have always been interested in dealing consciously with resources of a limited availability and keeping them in an ecological circle. Covering the worldwide rising demand of raw materials requires an environmentally friendly mining of ores as well as the best possible valuation of products and production remains. Concerning environmetal recycling scores directly compared to primary materials with a clearly better balance in terms of air- and water pollution, water consumption as well as a more efficient power consumption with less CO2 emission at the same time. Hence estimating recycling rates as high as possible and expanding them permanently must be in the interest of mankind.

Your competitive advantage

As the leading German secondary smelter we unite a complex range of services with obvious advantages of recycling and the resulting products.


Here’s how easy it is to find the product you need: Search through our comprehensive range of metals and alloys, select your product and place it in the “enquiry basket”. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Looking for something in particular? Then simply get in touch with us directly - we’ll be happy to help.

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Sustainability - real responsibility by recycling

In an era of reducing resources, polution and exploitation of oceans and seas like never before and a much too high output of greenhouse gases and toxins environmentally friendly solutions by recycling in all fields of daily life are of great importance.

The production of metals and secondary materials reduces CO2 emissions clearly more compared with productions from primary materials (ores).Furthermore negative burdens for the whole ecological system can be lowered essentially.

Air pollution
Water pollution
Water consumption

Source: EuRIC AISBL – Recycling Factsheet

Exact savings potential by tin recycling

With a sustainable recycling of tin the energy input can be lowered essentially. The exploitation in fields of mining, processing and smelting of ores is reduced to a minimum. And thus CO2 emissions are lowered drastically.

Thus recycling processes are a fundamentally important base for global efforts of climate and environmentall protection.

Source: BIR: Report on Environmental Benefits of Recycling

Grievances when mining primary materials

Covering the global demand of tin only with recycling material is not possible, but everyone should be aware about the bad conditions when exploiting tin mines. Mining areas are often dominated by inhumane working- and living conditions. Even child labor is usual in this life threatening kind of work. The environment also suffers from partly uncontrolled and illegal mining. Whole living areas are destroyed and contaminated.

The Tin Trade's Terrible Toll In Indonesia


In addition to a recycling process based on state-of-the-art technology, we have taken extensive action to protect the environment.


  1. Reforestation of unused areas

    ince 1996, we have been actively engaged in reforestation of the tree population on the company grounds and beyond. This is not only environmentally friendly and positive for the soul, it also additionally binds CO2.


  2. Photovoltaic systems for the company's own energy needs
    Since 2013, we have been covering a large part of our necessary energy needs through our own photovoltaic system. The green electricity makes our products even more environmentally friendly. We are actively working towards CO2-neutral production.


  3. Electrification of our vehicle fleet including our own charging infrastructure.
    The company's own intelligent charging infrastructure ensures sufficient sunshine in the "tank" of our forklift and e-car fleet.


Over and above the many environmental aspects and social factors, products must be convincing above all in terms of quality and price. Thanks to high added value and the use of leading technologies, we can market our products at attractive conditions.

In addition to providing new products, we also take care of the economical and legally compliant processing of your process residues - naturally at the best conditions. Comprehensive consulting along the entire supply chain completes our service.

Do you want to make your products environmentally friendly, remain attractively priced and help close the loop?

Use our ecologically sustainable tin alloys and pure tin of the GreenTin+ brand.


Here’s how easy it is to find the product you need: Search through our comprehensive range of metals and alloys, select your product and place it in the “enquiry basket”. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Looking for something in particular? Then simply get in touch with us directly - we’ll be happy to help.

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